When couples divorce, they are obligated to share the responsibility for financially supporting their children. Child support consists of regular payments made by the parent with the higher income to help pay for the children’s necessities, such as food, education, electricity, and more. At the Davis and Associates, our Orlando child support attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of your children are met after a divorce or separation.

The amount of child support you will be awarded is determined by state law, which takes into account many factors. We understand the complexities of this formula and will use our experience to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of child support you are entitled to under Florida law.

If your former spouse is refusing to pay the amount you are owed, it is important to contact an experienced attorney right away. Under strict Florida laws, parents are required to support their children, and the refusal to do so can result in a civil contempt of court proceeding and even jail time for the offending parent. Our Orlando child support lawyer can explore every possible avenue of relief on your behalf to obtain the money you are owed.

We will review your finances to establish an appropriate child support obligation, as well as your child’s expenses to determine any necessary extracurricular activities. Our firm also helps clients with child custody arrangements that consider the best interests of their children, which may include shared custody and visitation.

Our Orlando child support attorneys will work to create a fair parenting plan that is beneficial to all parties involved. If a settlement cannot be reached in mediation, we will fight aggressively for your rights during a trial in family court. We are skilled in all areas of family law and will provide you with the guidance and support you need to get through this difficult period.

We understand that children are the most important priority of any divorce or separation, and we will always put their needs before our own. We have experience in helping clients establish parenting plans that are best for their children and will fight for your rights when your former spouse refuses to abide by the court’s order to pay you child support.

It is not uncommon for parents to disagree over child support issues, especially when a couple is divorcing or separated. At the Panella Law Firm, our experienced family law lawyers can assist you with all matters related to child custody and support. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our Orlando child support attorneys. Our office is located in downtown Orlando, and we proudly serve clients throughout central Florida. We offer flexible hours and accept all major credit cards. We are available to meet with you by phone or online. To speak with a member of our team, please call us at (407) 298-0086 or fill out the online contact form below.

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