When you think of a kitchen cabinet renovation, your mind may immediately turn to new countertops or a gorgeous backsplash. But don’t overlook the possibility of a cabinet makeover that could transform your entire kitchen. After all, cabinets serve as more than just storage solutions—they can act as a focal point and elevate a room’s ambiance. From bold color choices to fun textures and clever accessories, there are endless ways to give your cabinets a creative overhaul.

Modern Farmhouse

Soft neutrals and wood finishes are perennial favorites for contemporary and farmhouse styles, but if you’re ready for a more dramatic look, try an unexpected color like blue or green. These high-contrast colors add personality and drama to any kitchen design.


Neutral colors such as white and gray provide a timeless backdrop that’s easy to coordinate with your countertop, backsplash, and other design elements. But if you’re ready to lean into more color, consider a warm gray or a shade of white with blue or green undertones. Cool-colored cabinets will also harmonize with a wide range of counters and backsplash materials, including soapstone.

Coastal Cottage

Beachy style is easy to achieve with simple touches, such as a painted wood applique on a cabinet door. For a rustic touch, apply a wash of paint and dry thoroughly before applying the applique. Or, sand the edges of the wood for a distressed look and stain it with a dark finish for added depth and visual interest.

Rustic Chic

If you’re a renter, consider refreshing your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. Thistlewood Farms turned dated wood cabinets in her rental home a creamy olive green for a $55 upgrade that transformed the compact space in one fell swoop. For a similar effect, try painting the back of the cabinets with a striped pattern. Just be sure to clear it with your landlord beforehand.

Classic Contemporary

A timeless color choice, greige (a mashup of beige and gray) provides a warm backdrop for any kitchen. The neutral hue works well with a wide variety of counters and backsplashes and even complements different metal finishes. Plus, it’s easy to update with trendy accents and accessories without having to repaint your cabinets completely.

Stylish Storage

Using a jigsaw, cut a piece of fabric to size and wrap it around a wood panel, then nail it to the cabinet door. The unique texture adds character to any space, and it’s a great way to show off patterned wallpaper or a coordinating accent tile.

The right lighting is the key to highlighting your cabinetry. Add a touch of glamor with LED under-cabinet lights, which can instantly elevate your space. Thistlewood Farms used this trick to highlight her peacock-blue cabinets and bright white everyday dishware.

If you don’t want to commit to a full cabinet overhaul, just update the fronts of your existing doors with glass inserts. Leaded glass and antiqued smoked or beveled glass create more privacy while still allowing light to filter in, while smoked and beveled mullions decrease transparency. If you’re ready to make a change, the Tampa cabinet renovation team at Espresso Finishes can help with affordable and efficient solutions like kitchen cabinet renovation. Contact us today to see how you can transform your cabinets and boost your home’s value.

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