When parents divorce, it often leads to disputes over the custody of their children. A child custody lawyer can help resolve these conflicts and ensure that the best interests of the children are served. A good attorney will work tirelessly to get a fair resolution for the family. This article highlights the top-rated law firms in Knoxville that can assist clients with their child custody needs.

A Tennessee court may grant joint, sole, or shared custody of a child depending on what is in the child’s best interests. Judges consider a variety of factors in making these determinations, including the health and stability of the child’s parents, their history of drug or alcohol use, their living arrangements (new romantic partners, suitable housing for children), their financial status, the child’s preferences, and any other factor that might be relevant to the case.

The child custody lawyers at Menefee & Brown help families in Knoxville establish parenting plans that are consistent with state legal requirements and their goals and expectations. They can provide advice on temporary and permanent child custody arrangements, and work with the other party’s legal counsel to determine the best arrangement for the child(ren). They can also handle contempt actions against a parent who fails to comply with child support obligations.

Attorney Rachel E. Donsbach is dedicated to protecting the rights of her clients. She works with parents in the Knoxville area to enforce or modify child support arrangements and assist them with a range of other family law matters, such as divorce, property division, and adoption. She has more than a decade of experience helping couples resolve their custody and support issues.

Child custody cases can be emotionally charged, and evidence is key in proving your case. Make sure you offer a complete picture of your involvement in the child’s life, including proof that you communicate with them regularly and show up for appointments and activities. Gather unbiased testimony from friends and relatives, and be ready to present school records, medical and dental records, photographs of children with each parent, and any other relevant information specific to your situation.

The Law Firm of Bill Hotz & Associates assists clients with their child custody and visitation rights in Knoxville. The firm has a team of family and criminal lawyers who are experienced in handling contested and agreed divorces as well as other family law cases, including child support, spousal support, and property division. Its attorneys have more than three decades of combined experience in the field. They have also worked on personal injury claims and can handle a wide range of other civil litigation cases. The firm has offices throughout Tennessee. Contact information is available on its website.

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